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Trust in Digital Life (TDL)

The Trust in Digital Life (TDL) community was formed by leading industry partners and knowledge institutes that hold trust and trustworthy services to be an essential ingredient of the digital economy. The TDL community is committed to enabling a trustworthy ecosystem that protects the rights of citizens while creating new business opportunities.

To this end, TDL will research, pilot and incubate trustworthy ICT services and technologies in an innovative environment.

TDL will form the bridge between citizens entitled to the best possible services and an industry that develops devise, applications and services that protect them from Internet threats and provides them at an affordable price.

A major focus will be on the European research and business agenda.

Vision statement

Trust in Digital Life envisions a future digital world that enables trust because its misuse is identified, prevented and penalized. Citizens and end-users recognize trustworthy ICT services and their value, and all stakeholders jointly carry the extra cost incurred. Trustworthy services strengthen confidence in modern society, opening new and attractive ways of living and working and thus contributing to a vibrant and democratic European society and its values.

Mission statement

The Trust in Digital Life Association (TDL)

  • Enables a Europe-wide ecosystem across national borders for innovative and trustworthy ICT products and services with high user acceptance and trust.
  • Manages a portfolio of short–term, focused, pragmatic, “sprint” projects that validate new innovative technologies and concepts and ensure their interoperability between technology and service providers.
  • Boosts European competitiveness by incubating new, innovative ideas to create new business opportunities that enable affordable security and trusted services for all with a particular focus on SMEs.
  • Provides industry recommendations for the European Commission and Policy makers.
  • Maintains a strategic agenda for research and innovation, selectively participating in key EU and other projects towards achieving the other goals. 

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